Feel Free Juntos Sit On Top Kayak

The Feelfree Juntos is a solo sit-on-top kayak that has the added bonus of a small bow seat designed for a child or pet.

Length: 11′ 2″ / 3.4 m
Width: 30.5″ / 77cm
Weight: 60.6 lbs / 27.5 kg
Recommended Capacity: 397 lbs / 180 kg


The Feel Free Juntos is the ideal solution for those wanting a solo kayak that they can easily handle off water and paddle well on their own and on which they can take a small passenger when needed. It can also be fitted out as a compact fishing kayak.

A child-size seat pad is positioned towards the bow of the kayak. This enables both paddler and child/pet to face each other, alternatively the front passenger can face forward dangling their feet in the water, in fact it is so stable that your young passenger can move around at will maybe even lying across face down watching sea life go by under the hull. There is also a small moulded seat just in front of the paddler which can be useful for building confidence when a young one is trying it out for the first time.

The stability and ease of straight line tracking makes this kayak perfect for recreational family use. With extra cockpit length, compared to many other sit on top kayaks, it is also a great choice for the taller paddler looking for a solo kayak.

It has a large rear storage tankwell that is capable of taking a Feelfree ‘Dry Tank’ or several ‘Dry tubes’ to carry your gear. The conveniently located round rubber centre hatch opens to provide access to a generous sized mesh bag which is useful to store anything you might need when paddling such as a snack or a rolled up jacket.

The Juntos has moulded handles at the front and rear as well as two side handles and can be car topped on most cars by one person. Our ‘Wheel In The Keel’ system comes as standard with the Juntos this makes moving the kayak to and from the water easy on firm surfaces.

Front seat for a child or pet
Centre hatch with mesh bag
Large rear tankwell with bungee
Moulded carry handles at the front, back and sides
Drinks bottle holder
Wheel In The Keel
Flush Mounted Fishing Rod holders compatible


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