Suzuki DF15A Outboard


  • Steering Type: AS/AL/AES/AEL (Tiller) ARS/ARL/ATL (Remote)
  • Tilt: AL/AES/AEL/ARS ARL (Manual) ATL (Power)
  • Starter: AL (Manual) AES/AEL/ARS/ARL/ATL (Electric)
  • Shaft length: Short (381mm) Long (508mm)
  • Weight: AS (44kg) AL (45kg) AES (48kg) AEL (49kg) ARS (47kg) ARL (48kg) ATL (54.5kg)


Lean green and clean.

Equipped with batteryless fuel injection and the lightest in it’s class.

Batteryless electronic fuel Injection

Delivers quicker, easier starts, smoother running and quicker acceleration without the bulk and weight of a battery.

Lightweight & Compact

The innovative technology used in the DF 15 makes it the lightest outboard in it’s class.

Lean Burn Control System

Suzuki’s lean burn fuel technology predicts fuel needs according to operating conditions, then delivers the optimum fuel/air mixture to the engine, resulting in greater fuel economy.


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