Pioner Multi III Pro

Pioner boats are built in one piece using rotational moulded polyethylene. This is an extremely durable material with a UV stabiliser that can withstand enormous stresses, bumps and knocks, extreme cold, high temperatures and sunlight – without sustaining any damage. These are precisely the qualities that have made the brand so popular among boat users all over the world.

Weight: 466KG
Length: 530cm
Breadth: 215cm
Max HP/KW: 80/59.7
Shaft Length: Long
Control Cable: 3.25M
Max Persons: 8-10

Optional Extras: Steering Console (Wide or Narrow), Passenger Console, A Frame, Windscreen, Windscreen Rail, Bench Cushions, Extra Boxes, Fore & Stern Rails, Pulpit Fore, lantern Mast, ladder, A Frame Back Support, Sonar Bracket & Hood for Console.


Professional boat people have been devoted to this complete all-rounder with the large load capacity for years and years. The Multi III arrived in 2014 and is our best-selling boat globally. It is a very safe and reliable boat. This tough yet flexible workhorse is the marine equivalent of a 4×4: Practical, versatile, efficient and robust. The Pioner Multi is designed to master multiple and varied tasks. And it does the job, even under demanding circumstances.

Police, fire and emergency rescue services and organisations such as the Red Cross are long-time users. Divers, marinas and aquaculturists all find it perfect for their needs. Sheep farmers, reindeer herding Samis, hunters and various entrepreneurs also choose the Multi. We recommend using an outboard motor from 50 to 80 HP, but you can also fit a tiller motor as small as 10 HP on working boats. The model is approved for a working load of 1,122 kg and up to 10 people.

The foam-filled bow gate is 92cm wide and is lowered with a rustproof winch, which makes for easier boarding and alighting and loading/unloading. The Multi has an extensive choice of optional accessories and can be customised to your intended requirements.

We are always happy to do all we can to specially adapt boats to the needs and intended usage for our professional customers, from additional equipment and colour scheme to other important modifications.

It’s a boat that needs minimal maintenance. This gives end users more time and an “Easy Boating Life”. Were your Pioner to suffer damage, repairing it is no problem.

Pioner boats are made from a plastic material that is UV stabilised, which means the boat retains its colour and strength for a very long time.

The shape and design of Pioner boats make them safe, stable and secure. Their double hull design makes for a smooth passage, good buoyancy and a sense of security.

Pioner models are inspected and certified by Det Norske Veritas Germanischer Lloyd (DNV-GL), as an independent third party. For Pioner user peace of mind.


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