Jobe Hotseat 1 Person Towable

3 year warranty after registration
4 Handles with neoprene knuckle guards
Double stitched nylon
Max 1 person towable
One way Boston valve
Quick connector for easy towing

Safety chamber
840 Denier nylon cover
26 gauge PVC
Dimensions when inflated: Ø50 x 20.4″, Ø128 x 52cm
Dimensions when deflated – 55″ | 140cm



Set foot on the almighty Hotseat, Jobe’s fastest and most durable 1 person donut towable. The difference between the Hotseat and the other donut towables is the full 840 denier cover, which makes this the most durable donut towable. The Hotseat is equipped with 4 luxurious neoprene knuckle-guard handles that offer grip and comfort.

There’s something for everyone in our range of towables, and we make sure that you’ll find the right one for you. Jobe Sports has been manufacturing high-quality watersports equipment since 1974 and we make sure that every item that leaves our factory is thoroughly tested for maximum fun. We offer you a wide range of towables in different shapes, sizes and colors.

You must consider the needs of the rider when searching for the right towable tube for your boat. Is it for a small or large rider? Are you going to have a birthday party or ride with your kids on the weekends? You will find a wide range of tubes for different needs. Luckily Jobe has you covered with towables ranging from single rider 1 person towables, all the way up to 4 person and even 5+ person towables!

Today let’s look at the 1 person/rider towable tubes! As the name implies these towable tubes are for a single rider only. A single person towable is a fun way to show off to friends and family. You can achieve faster speeds and enjoy higher air in a one-person tube, so it’s the perfect summer companion!

For boat owners with a small boat or spaces that are not suitable to store larger tubes, a single person tube is the best option.

In short, Jobe has whatever you need to get you on the water! We believe in these products and use them ourselves and with our own families and friends and that’s why we also back our inflatable towables with an incredible 3 year warranty which is the best in the industry!

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