Cool Kayak Glide 1+1 Family kayak

The Glide 1 + 1 is a stable versatile platform that has room to bring a small passenger in front of the paddler.

Length: 305cm
Width: 80cm
Height: 40cm
Gross Weight: 23kg
Capacity: 180kg
1 + 1 Seat


4 X Molded in carry handles
1 x Drain Plug
8 x Rubber Stoppers
4 x D-Shaped button
1 x 1.2m Black bungee
1 x 8″ round hatch
4 x Flush rod holders
1 x Molded in cup holder
2 x foot rest

Drinking bottle holder
Bow & Stern luxury carrying handles
Luxury seal hatch
Drain plug
Rubber stoppers
Paddle keeper
Large rear cargo area


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